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ADDICTION Kohl Eyeliner 04 Secret Nights.

Beautiful SUQQU Eye Color Palette

Suqqu produced new eyeshadow palette. Trio. “SUQQU Eye Color Palette”.

We have lots of orders about this new eyeshadow.

The often ordered is 02 Kinshiseki.

Maybe it looks like Sold Out Blend Color Eyeshadow #EX21 Murasaki Suishou.

The 01 Toutouseki is also popular.

In person, I LOVE the color of 03 Aoruri. Yet there are no orders yet. Why?? How beautiful this blue!

Please check the latest price, and color of 03 Aoruri in here “SUQQU Eye Color Palette”.

Box of Aug 2014: Try Me!

Let me share with you the example of Box of Aug 2014.

The detail are here; Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box; BOX of Aug 2014 TRY ME

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow #EX-21 Murasaki Suishou.
Beautiful 8 colors palette!

This product is QUITE limited, and almost sold our during the pre-order period. We made sure few, and all of them are already sold out.

Do you have interest on limited products sold in Japan?
Please visit

ADDICTION 5th Anniversary Limited Compact Red Addiction.

Beautiful Red! But this is already sold out.
If you feel this red might fix for you, please visit us ADDICTION Eyeshadow. #025M Alice is this color.


And please do not miss limited products! We are going to deal lots of Holiday season coffrets too!

Waterproof sunscreens special kit!.

We do not deal small bottled sunscreen regularity, but we made a special kit. We accept the order until 29th of June!

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “Waterproof sunscreen 6 bottles Kit

RMK Gel Creamy Foundation

If you are looking for foundations which are fitting well, but also light, this might be for you.

See also Cherry’s “Personal Review of RMK Gel Creamy Foundation”.

Please check the colors and the latest price; “RMK Gel Creamy Foundation”.

Example of the Shipment. Ipsa Cleansing Oil EX.

Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation

If you are looking for something liquid foundations which is not pretty oily, this foundation may try worth, I am sure.
See also Cherry’s Personal Review of Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation. Check the colors and the latest price from here;” Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation”.